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NEWS March 22, 2016, 11:09 a.m.

Basic Course "makeup artist"

group day - 3600 UAH. (18 lessons)
grupa evening / weekend - 4000 UAH.

individually - 4450 UAH. (13 lessons)

Express Training - 5800 UAH. (13 lessons)

The course price includes your portfolio of work!

Basic make-up rate may approach beginners makeup artists, who have not dabbled in this area. People who want to try startonut. This course gives a very good and necessary basic makeup knowledge. After completing the course you will learn how to create all of the classic types of make-up - easy, evening, business makeup. You can easily start working in beauty salons, where the need is the knowledge of classic makeup. You will learn makeup wedding, which means that you can work with brides. Also, a basic course gives the opportunity to work on various photo shoots.

It does not matter whether you were able to draw this! The main desire - and succeed!

Course program

Pencil and shadow art

  • Makeup removal. Prepare to face make-up. Cleansing and moisturizing
  • The methods of correction and toning the skin (brush, sponges, contact and contactless application tonal means)
  • Forms and modeling of the face - in the everyday "wear" for filming
  • Tsvetotip (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) - the ability to choose the right shades
  • Correction and shape eyebrows
  • volume eyebrows
  • The classical form of the construction of the eye - for wedding, evening, dnev and business options
  • Nude makeup - makeup without makeup
  • Makeup smokky eyes - a classic
  • Makeup smokky eyes - a variety of colors
  • Make-up in the context of - clear lines
  • Makeup Area - clear lines
  • Cat's Eye - a classic and colorful oriental version
  • Makeup for photo opportunities. Regulation of light while working on the set

Cosmetics available!

After completing the course receive a diploma!


The course "Evening and wedding hairstyles"

group - 3000 UAH. (14 lessons)

individually - 3900 UAH. (10 lessons)

This course will give you the ability to create beautiful modern evening and wedding hairstyles. This program also focused on the wedding hairstyles, the ability to choose the right hairstyle for the bride, to understand it, to create a beautiful style with the help of hair, the ability to strengthen the veils of various lengths.

Our graduates, immediately after completion of the course safely and confidently work with brides, graduates, create a variety of hairstyles for parties and celebrations.

After completing the course you will learn to create themselves beautiful and diverse tresses. And even those who are not hair weaves, learn the secrets of persistent beautiful and natural curls.

After graduating diploma and your portfolio of work. (As a rule - it is from 20 to 40 photos).

Tools are provided.

Course program:


  • Hair care. Types of facial hair styles.
  • hair treatment means.
  • Tools for the job (combs, elastic bands, hairpins, invisible).
  • Recommendations for the use of styling products that are used in creating hairstyles.
  • curls:
  • Different ways to cheat (in curlers, hair iron, curling iron, curling iron from the root, Hollywood cheat).
  • Hairstyle by cheating (tail side, the lower part of the occipital).
  • Hairstyle by spit.
  • The combination of braids with locks.
  • Cheat on tapered curling
  • Classic hairstyles:
  • Bobetta, shell. Hairstyle based bobetty
  • Retro hairstyles (elements of decoration, cold wave).
  • Retro hairstyle
  • Greek haircut
  • Wedding hairstyle:
  • The principles and features of wedding hairstyles.
  • Terms of fleece using a ripple.
  • Hair on the basis of fleece.
  • Hairstyle for a short length of hair
  • Hairstyle for medium and long hair
  • Hairstyle bunch. Various types of beam (smooth plaits, curls, waves, with Some of the elements of weaving)
  • Romantic hairstyle
  • Gentle wave on the face
  • Hairstyle "waterfall"
  • Jewellery (veils, decorative pins, flowers (artificial, natural) combs, tiaras).